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2021 Cadet Class Information

IAABO Board #193 will be moving forward with a cadet training class for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.


  1. The centerpiece of the instruction will be conducted as an online, self-paced learning program, utilizing the National Federation rules course developed by our IAABO national HQ.  
  2. The Rules Course would be supplemented by a weekly Zoom personal session facilitated by the Cadet Supervisor with Cadets where they would have the ability to ask any questions they have regarding the materials reviewed.  
  3. The cost of the Cadet Phase One Rules course will be reduced to $90 (from $200), and upon passing the IAABO Rules exam, an additional $50 will be charged to those advancing for the Phase Two mechanical component of instruction.  Finally, we will supplement the mechanical portion of the instruction period with an additional year of on-floor mechanical training at $75.
  4. As the mechanical training be expanded, a new two-year "mentor-mentee" program will be instituted, including additional instruction by the Cadet Supervisor. 


We believe that the online rules training program eliminates any specific/previous inconvenience and/or commitments the prospective Cadet may have in conflict with our dedicated class time and day (i.e., work, school, family obligations); while also providing for a self-paced and on-demand reinforcement of the Rules.  While they will, of course, be able to have access to the Rules and Case book that we have all been accustomed to, that will also be enhanced by the online instruction as well.  


Furthermore, the Cadet fortunate enough to pass the Rules test will automatically become a member of Board 193, eligible for assignment, while also benefitting from a more rigorous and disciplined approach to building confidence "on the floor" -- through our Mentor support program -- applying the rules and utilizing the approved mechanics. 


If you have any questions or comments or would like to sign up for the class, please contact Robert Mangone, our Cadet Supervisor.    614-507-5014